Check your hearing, test-drive the hearing aids at home, and own them only when you feel the benefits

Removing Your Doubts to Improve Your Hearing

10 Days Hearing Aid Risk-Free Trial @ SOUNDLIFE

As the premier hearing center in Indonesia, we have a remarkable new program that lets you experience the benefits of hearing aids before buying them. With SOUNDLIFE’s Try, Hear, Own program, you can understand how hearing aids can improve your quality of life before making a decision.

Come in for a hearing test, and if you qualify, you will go home with trial hearing aids precisely programmed to your hearing needs and preferences. Try them out in the comfort of your own life — wherever that may be. At the end of the trial period, if you decide you love them, you can move forward with a purchase. If not, walk away and owe us absolutely nothing.

As the only hearing center in Indonesia certified to offer this program, we’re excited to tell you more. Call us today at (0815) 1353-8888 or (021) 2994-1688 for more information.

Don't let fear stop you from restoring your hearing ability and living a fulfilling life

Am I Eligible to Participate?

You would be an eligible candidate for the trial hearing aid program if you:

  • Have hearing difficulties and are hesitant to try hearing aids.
  • Currently wear hearing aids but are looking for something better.
  • Agree to accept the terms and conditions of this program.