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FM Sistem

People with hearing loss often struggle with clearly understanding speech in loud environments, even though their hearing aids are working overtime to pick out the speech signal in the presence of the background noise.

A FM system is like a miniature radio station operating on special frequencies. It is designed to help people to better identify and understand speech in noisy situations and over distances of up to 15 meters (50 feet). Some FM systems work together with hearing aids, while others are designed for those with normal hearing.

Each FM system consists of a transmitter microphone used by the speaker (such as the teacher in the classroom, or the speaker at a lecture) and a receiver used by you, the listener. It works by having the person speaking wears or holds a transmitter microphone. This transmitter picks up important speech sounds and then uses harmless radio waves to send them to the FM receivers, which will then deliver the sounds directly to your hearing aids. In a group setting, you may put the FM transmitter in the middle of the group.

Since FM transmission is resilient to noise and interference, it helps to preserve the quality and clarity of the sound transmitted.

Benefits of Using an FM System

One of the biggest advantages of using a FM system is that sounds can be picked up closer to a speaker, or connected directly to the sound source and transmitted directly to your ears. This enables the listener to hear with greater clarity with less background noise, which empowers you to enjoy and participate fully in the conversations.

  • Hearing from a Distance
    If you enjoy going to lectures or speeches, FM systems can be a great way to ensure that you are hearing every word that the person in front of you is saying. For example, if you are going to a graduation ceremony and your grandchild is speaking on behalf of her class, you don’t want to miss it. Having your grandchild wear a compatible microphone will ensure that your FM receiver can reproduce the signal clearly for you, even in a large auditorium.
  • Improved Clarity
    By receiving the signal of interest directly to your ears or your hearing aids, the sounds will be much clearer than if they had to travel through a loud environment to get to you. It’s like having your conversation partner speak directly into your ear, without the hot breath in your face. It’s this crisper signal of an FM system that can make it preferable in a movie theater–without the FM system to control the overall volume, the movie might actually be too loud for you to understand.
  • Reduced Background Noise
    People with hearing loss, and even those without, often have trouble hearing in situations when background noise gets in the way. FM systems reduce this noise and only amplify the voice of the speaker you are trying to hear.
  • Reduced Fatigue
    Just like any part of the body, if you are trying too hard to hear, you will suffer from mental fatigue. In fact, one of the symptoms of hearing loss is a feeling of exhaustion after spending a few hours in conversation. FM systems amplify speech signals in challenging environments so that you have the energy you need to do the activities you want to do.

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