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As a promise of our commitment to better people's lives through their sense of hearing, we have defined our mission to reflect our core purpose, which drives our actions and decisions. We have also outlined a vision that describes our view of the future and our place in it.

  • OurVision

    Our vision is to become a household name as a trusted partner who helps people to hear and be heard, so they can build and experience meaningful relationships with the people they love.

  • Misi Kami

    Our mission is to unlock the hearing potential of healthy individuals. Through innovative hearing solutions, everyone is given an equal opportunity to pursue their dreams, without limitations.

Nilai Inti Kami

Our core values ​​under the acronym SOUND serve as a compass for our attitudes and behaviors.

Semangat untuk Menjadi yang Terbaik

As a company, we celebrate success and see failures as opportunities for growth. No matter how good our products, services, processes and results are, we are dedicated to making them better.

We appreciate the efforts and reward results. We don't say, “It's not my fault”, or “It's not my job.” We take responsibility for meeting our commitments, and we take ownership of the outcomes.

By approaching our daily work with a passion for perfection, avoiding incidents by exercising risk management, taking initiatives, having a strong desire to learn and share with our stakeholders, we empower everyone to be responsible for their own happiness and success.

We strive not only to become the thought leader in the hearing industry, but also to help one another to reach the next level of success.

Optimis Menghadapi Perubahan

We understand the key to our success is to continuously embrace change and improve ourselves, products and services. After all, innovation and change are what move things forward.

Even though it is not easy and uncomfortable, we accept the fact that growth and development in one's character, experience and knowledge are necessary to achieve new heights. That's why everyone is not only expected to handle constant change, but also to embrace it with open arms.

At SOUNDLIFE, we believe there is a potential in each of us that has yet to be realized, and we seek to unlock that talent to help everyone in the company grow in their careers and improve the business as a team.

Utamakan Sikap Saling Menghargai Satu Sama Lain

Respect for the individual is a cornerstone of our culture. We are committed to treating everyone with dignity, and we value each thought and opinion. We encourage a two-way street communication as we feel that it is important for relationship building to have an effective, open and honest communication.

We also feel that it is important to always act with integrity. Our emphasis in building our relationships on a foundation of trust is something that differentiates us from most companies. That is the reason we continue to have strong customer and partner support. Even though it takes time to build trust, but once trust is established, we know the bond is much stronger and we can all accomplish so much more

Nuansa Kerja yang Positif

Our success depends upon the collective energy and intelligence of all of our team members. We recognize that everyone has a contribution to make, and we strive to create a working environment that is conducive to motivated and passionate individuals to contribute, learn and grow to their highest potential.

Teamwork is more than just working together. We believe having a team of positive-thinking people is vital to our success. It brings out the best of everyone's strengths.

Dengan Tulus Melayani dan Memberikan Pengalaman "WOW"

It's simply our way of life at SOUNDLIFE. “WOW” is a simple word that packs a huge punch!

Even though we believe in focusing on the basics, such as making a cheerful smile when greeting people, saying please and thank you, and doing what you say you would do, but we also encourage everyone to always do things a little unconventional and creative. It means taking the concept of service and experience to a whole new level by doing something for another person that makes them feel moved, touched and inspired – leaving them with an emotional impact, so they have a positive story to tell for the rest of them lives.

There is nothing SOUNDLIFE enjoys more than hearing for ourselves the positive experiences of the people whose quality of life has improved through their interactions with our people, products and services.

Apa yang Dikatakan Pelanggan Kami

I came to SOUNDLIFE to adjust my hearing aids bought elsewhere. The attention to detail and the label of professionalism provided here is exceptional. I could tell the difference because I've been to several hearing clinics in different countries. I am not going anywhere else. I am now a SOUNDLIFE patient and I will keep coming back.

Lisa Gunawan, Penasihat Keuangan

When it came to finding the perfect hearing aids for my mom, SOUNDLIFE exceeded my expectations. The rechargeable RIE hearing aids with a TV streamer have not only restored my mom's ability to hear clearly, but it also allows her to watch TV without affecting the rest of the family's hearing. It's a win-win situation. Thank you, SOUNDLIFE, for enhancing my mom's quality of life and bringing harmony to our home

Siti Rahmawati, Pemilik Toko Kue

I am incredibly grateful for my experience with SOUNDLIFE Hearing Center. As a chef, it is crucial for me to have precise hearing in the bustling kitchen environment. However, my hearing loss was hindering my ability to communicate effectively and fully enjoy the sounds of the culinary world. If you are a fellow chef or anyone seeking reliable hearing solutions, I highly recommend the SOUNDLIFE Hearing Center. Embrace the joy of sound and unlock a world of flavors and connections. Trust me, it will be a life-changing experience!"

Ari Wijaya, Chef

The rechargeable RIE hearing aids with streaming bluetooth technology have transformed my mom's life. With the added TV streamer, she can now enjoy her favorite shows with crystal-clear sound. The ability to connect to her iPhone allows her to stay connected with our family whenever she needs someone to talk to. Thank you, SOUNDLIFE, for making a positive impact on my mom's quality of life.

Ferdinand Felix, Arsitek

After struggling with hearing loss, I decided to seek help from SOUNDLIFE Hearing Center. Their expertise and high-quality hearing aids have transformed my professional life. Now, I can confidently engage with clients, negotiate deals, and provide exceptional service. The difference is remarkable. Thanks to SOUNDLIFE, I can continue to excel in my career and ensure my clients' needs are met effectively. I highly recommend SOUNDLIFE Hearing Center to anyone seeking top-notch hearing solutions."

Ilham Maulana, Agen Properti

I wanted the best for my dad's hearing health. The rechargeable RIE hearing aids recommended have transformed my dad's life. He can now actively participate in conversations and enjoy his favorite activities with ease. The advanced features, like Bluetooth connectivity, have made a significant difference in his daily interactions. The exceptional service and care we received from SOUNDLIFE's team made the entire process seamless. I highly recommend SOUNDLIFE for their top-notch hearing solutions and exceptional customer service.

Rina Natalia, Pemilik Daycare Center

As a wedding planner, my job involves coordinating numerous details and ensuring seamless communication during events. Dealing with hearing loss was hindering my ability to deliver exceptional experiences. That's when I turned to SOUNDLIFE Hearing Center for help. Their hearing aids have been a game-changer for me. Now, I can actively engage with clients, vendors, and team members without missing a beat. The clarity and quality of sound I experience with SOUNDLIFE's hearing aids are unparalleled. I am grateful for their expertise and highly recommend them to fellow event planners or anyone in need of reliable hearing solutions.

Emma Setiawan, Perencana Pernikahan

I'm so grateful to SOUNDLIFE for restoring my ability to appreciate music. Their state-of-the-art hearing aids have brought back the joy of melodies into my life.

Jayden Chandra, Musisi

SOUNDLIFE has been a blessing for our family. Our child's communication skills have improved significantly, leading to academic and social achievements. We are forever grateful for the positive impact SOUNDLIFE has made in our child's life.

Budi & Fitriani Widodo, Restaurateurs

I'm absolutely thrilled with my rechargeable hearing aids from SOUNDLIFE Hearing Center. Being a lawyer, it's vital for me to stay connected and catch every word, and these hearing aids have gone above and beyond my expectations. The convenience of rechargeability and the seamless Bluetooth streaming have truly transformed my professional life. I can't thank SOUNDLIFE enough for providing such exceptional hearing solutions that are perfectly tailored to my needs.

Luke Wahyudi, Lawyer

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Good hearing results in positive health outcomes, increases social engagement, improves communication and lowers the risk of depression.

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