Merayakan 10 Tahun Menjaga Kesehatan dan Perawatan Pendengaran Bersama SOUNDLIFE

Celebrating 10 Years of Maintaining Health and Hearing Care with SOUNDLIFE

May 05, 2024

A decade of SOUNDLIFE! Can you believe it's been ten years since we opened our doors on May 5th, 2014? Time flies when you're making a difference!

From our humble beginning in Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan, we have empowered thousands of people residing in Indonesia with the precious gift of clear, comfortable hearing, enabling them to fully engage with the world around them. Over the years, we have expanded our reach beyond the Greater Jakarta area to touch lives in cities across Indonesia. It has been an honor to serve individuals of all ages, from tiny newborns just two days old to those celebrating their 100th birthdays and beyond!

But you know what's truly remarkable? It's not just about how far we've come; it's about the profound impact we've had on people's lives. SOUNDLIFE has evolved into more than just a place where people come for assistance with their hearing; we've become a vibrant hub for community engagement, knowledge-sharing, and driving positive change. Through our workshops, outreach events, and community programs, we're constantly working to spread awareness about the importance of hearing health, ensuring that everyone has access to the care they need. And we're proud to say that our efforts have been amplified by partnerships with esteemed organizations like the Indonesia Ministry of Health and Ministry of Social Affairs, multiplying our impact across the nation.

What truly sets us apart is our holistic approach to hearing wellness. While some may focus solely on providing hearing aids, we understand that true auditory health extends beyond mere amplification. That's why we offer a comprehensive range of products and services, from basic to premium hearing aids and hearing protections to advanced hearing care services like Real-Ear Measurements, Tympanometry, and BERA/ASSR. We've become a trusted one-stop destination for individuals at every stage of their hearing journey, regardless of age, hearing needs, or family background.

In the past 10 years, we have also witnessed the incredible progress in hearing technology innovations. Thanks to advancements in processing power, sound quality has soared, and advanced features like Bluetooth connectivity and rechargeable batteries have transformed hearing aids and hearing protections into personal audio hubs. You can now stream music, take phone calls, or even join Zoom meetings directly through your hearing devices. And with rechargeable batteries, it has never been easier or more eco-friendly to prioritize your hearing health!

As we celebrate this incredible milestone on our 10th anniversary, we're filled with gratitude for the lives we've touched and the impact we've made. But you know what? We're even more excited about the future! In the next decade, our vision is to establish a presence in every major city across Indonesia, ensuring that everyone can experience the sheer joy of clear hearing.

Our journey has only just begun, and we're thrilled to see where it takes us. With every ear we protect, every smile we restore, and every barrier we break down, we're reminded of the profound impact we can have when we come together with purpose and passion. Here's to the next ten years of empowerment, innovation, and transformation. Together, let's continue changing lives, one sound at a time!