Signia A/X Hearing Aids

If you are constantly on the move and want a hearing aid that caters to a wide variety of listening environments, the Signia A/X hearing aid is what you are looking for.

Signia A/X Hearing Aids @ SOUNDLIFE
  • Recharge the Signia AX hearing aids on-the-go with the portable battery charging system
  • Experience a more natural-sounding own voice thanks to Own Voice Processing (OVP)
  • Stream music and phone calls into your hearing aids with Android & iPhone connectivity
  • Get relief for your tinnitus with Tinnitus relief using the Signia smartphone app
  • Available for all types of hearing loss from mild to profound

Augmented Focused

Historically, hearing aids have processed all sounds under one set of rules. The problem with only having one processor is that all signals are competing against each other. If you prioritize one part, another is neglected. With Signia's Augmented Xperience, it uses two separate processors to process sound signals: one for sounds in focus, like your conversation partner's voice, the other for surroundings.

Moreover, Signia AX hearing aids is using motion detection to gather information about your surroundings as you move from one space to the next. The hearing aids automatically sense when you start walking or sitting down and make intelligent decisions about where to focus. Given that the sound heard is more accurately identified and processed, it shapes the sound of speech and surroundings in a way that delivers outstanding speech clarity while making the surroundings sound enjoyable.

Own Voice Processing

Many first-time hearing aid wearers are disappointed in how their own voice sounds when wearing hearing aids. With Signia Own Voice Processing 2.0 makes it easier for you to acclimate to wearing hearing aids by making your voice sound less artificial.

Direct Bluetooth Streaming

Signia A/X hearing aids work with your iOS®, and select Android™ devices, so you can stream phone calls, music and high-quality TV audio directly and effortlessly. Whether you're listening to music or talking on the phone, the Bluetooth compatibility of the Signia AX hearing aid ensures you won't miss out.

Easily Rechargeable

Signia A/X hearing aids are offered in both rechargeable and battery-operated options. The choice between the one is a matter of personal choice and lifestyle. If you opt for the rechargeable option, just place your hearing aids in the case at night, and wake up the following morning to a full day's power. If it happens to aim to charge, a 30-minute fast charge can provide 5 hours of initial use. And if you are always on the go, a portable charging case can give you an additional 3 full charges, making it the perfect charging solution for a busy lifestyle.

Rediscover the Joy of Hearing

one sound at a time with hearing aids

10 Days Risk-Free Trial

Experience the benefits of our hearing aids in the comfort of your home or office for 10 days, with no obligation to purchase. It's a risk-free way to improve your hearing.

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Kid fitted with Behind-The-Ear (BTE) Hearing Aids @ SOUNDLIFE Hearing Center Indonesia

Behind-The-Ear Hearing Aids

Behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids are often recommended for people with severe or profound hearing loss as they can support higher amplification. Due to their larger size, it is also ideal for people with limited dexterity or children.

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RIC Hearing Aids @ SOUNDLIFE Hearing Center Indonesia

Receiver-In-Ear Hearing Aids

Receiver-In-Ear (RIE) hearing aids are so small that you can barely see with a naked eye. Not only they work with most hearing conditions, but they also come with many advanced features to make hearing as a second nature to your everyday life.

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woman wearing cic custom hearing aids

Custom Hearing Aids

Custom hearing aids are made-to-order hearing aids that fits comfortably within the ear. All the important components, including the battery, amplifier, digital chip, and receiver, are seamlessly integrated into the device. Despite their compact size, these hearing aids are capable of addressing hearing loss ranging from mild to severe.

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Hearing Aid Repair @ SOUNDLIFE Hearing Center Indonesia

Hearing Aid Maintenance and Repair

It is not unusual for a properly maintained hearing aid to require repairs. Certain minor repairs can be handled in-house, while others may need to be sent to the manufacturer. We can assist in determining the appropriate repair needed for your hearing aid.

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One Hearing Aid or Two?

Even though wearing one hearing aid is better than none, the neglected ear will often become worse, causing a lopsided hearing loss. You can help protect your hearing from progressive hearing loss and other cognitive issues by wearing two hearing aids working together.

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The Surprising Link Between Hearing Loss and Dementia

Dementia is far easier to prevent than treat, and exceedingly difficult to reverse. One important and historically under-appreciated way of preventing it is addressing hearing loss. By taking care of our hearing, we can also take care of our brains.

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Hearing Aid Tinnitus Relief @ SOUNDLIFE Hearing Center Indonesia

Alat Bantu Dengar untuk Tinnitus

Don't let tinnitus control your life. Explore the world of hearing aids for tinnitus and reclaim the tranquility and peace of mind you deserve. With the right technology and professional guidance, you can find relief, restore harmony, and rediscover the joy of hearing well.

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Hearing Solutions @ SOUNDLIFE Hearing Center Indonesia

Hearing Solutions

With more than 100+ hearing devices, you can always find the product that best fits your personal hearing needs. Our goal is to provide each customer the best care possible based on their unique lifestyle, budget and hearing conditions.

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New to Hearing Aids?

Getting hearing aids to treat hearing loss is a significant milestone, but it's not the end of the journey. Adapting to hearing aids is a gradual process that requires time, commitment and patience.

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